8 Bit Killer


First-person shooter with a NES aesthetic


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8 Bit Killer is a first-person action game set in a dystopian future where humanity is at the edge of extinction due to an alien race commanded by an evil giant brain.

But the game's story is the least of it. The most important part is wild action that is sure to remind you of the classic game Wolfenstein 3D. Armed to the teeth, you will explore different areas killing any enemy unlucky or stupid enough to get in your way.

The game's graphics are what really make it stand out. As the title suggests, it emulates 8 bit Nintendo games, with just a few pixels and a color palette that would fit right in with that earlier era. All together, it's really quite charming.

8 Bit Killer is a fun action game with a fun story, fun gameplay, fun graphic design, and a fun soundtrack - pure 8 bit entertainment. And best of all: like all games from Locomalito, this one is completely free.
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